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Starts 11 November 2019
Starts 11 November 2019

Analytics is not a capsule and cannot be covered in just one course, hence a project based learning is essential to bring you closer to the industry

Analytics is not a capsule and cannot be covered in just one course, hence a project based learning is essential to bring you closer to the industry

Self-Paced Learning


Probably the only hands-on course on internet which explains a real life HR Analytics problems. This is what i was looking for, a Hands-on course on HR Analytics which too in R, my fav. Please bring some more practical course on HR problems. Thank you.
Great course for beginners who wants to pave their way in HR Analytics. Strongly recommend this course..... Btw it helped me land a job in HR Analytics.
What an amazing course... who would have thought RFM could be applied this way... I once read about this method and thought maybe someday i would apply it somewhere.... But you guys have done amzing work.... they way you explained each and everything through out the course... I like the instructor.... to the point... simply loving it... thanx
Useful tool for practicing HR professional and facilitate HR professional to develop in-house employee satisfaction survey. Great work!
Yes, it was a good match for me because the concepts are very well explained with pertinent examples.
Adorei o curso super me atendeuosrequisitos
What I like most about this course is it's getting updated every now and then.
It was really a great opportunity for me learn HR Analytics and also to learn how to find employee satisfaction using R. It will help me a lot in future in my professional field.
As a person working with HR Information System, it gives an insight to what the HR data can tell of people's decisions for past, present and future...
Very good. To get an overview of people analytics, various HR matrices, statistical methods, how to approach a business problem, derive inferences. Good content and explanation. Keep it up
I am already a Data Scientist and didn't know anything about how Data Science is changing HR Analytics. This course has given me great insight on the matter. I will look for more practical datasets and apply some of the techniques described here and try to practice problem solving.
The presenter spent a lot of time pulling the information together and the flow is easy to follow. As an experienced HRIS person, this is a good refresher. It is also suitable for someone just getting into HR Analytics and statistics.

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